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Established in 1795, the Blue Bell has been proudly owned and run by the community since 2021

We aim to be a great country pub, cafe and community hub serving Stoke Ferry and surrounding villages. 

We have established a Community Benefit Society as a transparent way to deliver the project with the community. ​

Stoke Ferry Community Enterprise Limited (SFCEL) is run primarily for the benefit of the community at large, rather than just for members of the society. This means that it must have an overarching community purpose that reaches beyond its membership.​

The money raised by our share offer, combined with other funding, enabled SFCEL to, buy, renovate and safeguard the Blue Bell for the future. The Society ensures the pub makes enough profit to be sustainable, but the overarching goal is to provide great services and play a vital role as a hub within our community.

Community Benefit Society,

Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), No. 8415

Companies House RS008415

See our annual returns and accounts on the FCA website.

The Committee

The Committee is elected by Members (shareholders). Each Committee Member is elected for a three-year term, though some were elected for shorter terms when the committee was first established to ensure that terms were staggered and did not all end at the same time. There may by six members of the Committee, who choose a Chair and Secretary from amongst themselves. The Committee may also co-opt non-voting members. We have done so to increase the expertise and capacity of the Committee. 

The current Committee consists of the following elected and co-opted members. 


Linda Curd

David Deathe

Debbie Edwards

Ray Edwards

Jack Harris (co-opted)

Laura Laxen (co-opted)

Alan Lury (Secretary)

Mark Pemberton (co-opted)

Stephen Ward (Chair)


The Blue Bell is managed by a volunteer Committee and a committed team of volunteers and paid staff. 

With pubs closing at a truly worrying rate at the moment, that team is doing incredible work continuing to develop the important role of the Blue Bell in the community. 

​Consider volunteering.​

  • It's not just shifts in the café and pub, behind the bar, serving and cleaning up. We could also use marketing expertise, garden and building maintenance and event management experience. It's great fun and you will make some brilliant new friends. 

  • Over time we are slowly creating more paid roles. But we will be leaning heavily on volunteers for a little while longer.

  • Drop us a line on the Contact page to get started!

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