Join the 200 Club and be a winner!

The Blue Bell '200 Club' lottery will go live in July. 


On Monday 19th July and the third Monday of every month thereafter, ticket holders will stand the chance of winning guaranteed cash prizes and other monthly prizes from donations. You will also be supporting The Blue Bell as every single penny of the surplus money raised each month will go towards the renovation and refurbishment of our very own Community-owned Pub-Cafe-Hub.


Tickets cost £5 each and are limited to 4 per person. We ask that you commit to playing for at least six consecutive months and that you pay by standing order. This will help us to manage the lottery more effectively and help us to plan better too.


As long as the first payment is in our account by the 7th July you will receive your ticket(s) and will be in it with a chance to win it!

Download the form to set up a standing order and join the 200 Club

Read the 200 Club rules